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Learn to How to Read Tarot with the Tarot for the Wild Soul Course

April 09, 2020

Learn to How to Read Tarot with the Tarot for the Wild Soul Course

My Experience with the TAROT FOR THE WILD SOUL Course

Last year I enrolled in Lindsay Mack's Tarot for the Wild Soul course. I've been reading for myself for a couple years, but was still not connecting with some of the cards. Lindsay's course helped remove the blocks that I was experiencing and opened my spirit to receiving the messages and medicine of the cards. This is the course I wish I would have had when I was first starting my journey with The Tarot!

Unlocking the Soul's Knowledge

The Tower Card from Spolia Deck

Lindsay's explanations are so clear and truly speak to the soul. I've read many books over the years about how to read tarot and what the cards mean, but a lot of it never really resonated with me. I just couldn't seem to hold onto the meanings that the books described. My inner voice would say, "no, that just doesn't feel quite right". While listening to Lindsay talk about the meanings there were so many "yes! I get it now!" moments for me. This was true particularly with some of prickly cards, like The Tower and Death, and many of the Minor Arcana, but also with some that I thought I had a good grasp on, like The Empress. She eloquently express what my heart and soul were intuiting, but my brain couldn't bring forth. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned tarot reader, this course offers something new for everyone.

A Support System

Spolia tarot cardsWhen you're learning tarot it's beneficial to have folks you can bounce ideas off of and get feedback and affirmation. For many of us that just isn't possible in real life. The course's community forum provides an invaluable support system. It offers the opportunity to connect with other students and build friendships, if you choose to participate in it (it's totally optional). One of my dear friends enrolled in the course at the same time as I did and we would meet up to discuss and practice, but we also made connections and friendships through the course. We're both planning on enrolling again this year, so I hope to meet you there!

How My Relationship with the Cards Has Changed

For awhile I thought, maybe tarot just isn't for me. I was having a hard time connecting with many of the cards and the messages often seemed harsh. After taking the course I've realized Tarot is for everyone! It is the journey of the human soul. It reflects universal experiences. The cards bring forth knowledge and truths you already possess, but may not be able to access with your conscious brain. They aren't a set in stone look at what the future holds, rather they invite you to examine your circumstances in ways you maybe hadn't considered before. The medicine of the tarot may be uncomfortable sometimes, but it's for your growth, so you can reach your highest potential! Tarot has become something I reach for when I'm feeling directionless. It's been an incredibly comforting tool for me to turn to during these frightening times.

Spolia tarot cards


Tarot for the Wild Soul taught me so much and I continually check in and replay the content. Lindsay is offering the course again this year, updated with lots of new content and videos. I was offered the opportunity to become an affiliate for the course. Because I found it to be so beneficial in my life and because I believe others will also find it nourishing, I accepted. 

What is an Affiliate?

What that means is that if you use code SMOKEYSPELLS when you enroll for the Tarot for the Wild Soul course, I will receive a commission. Those funds will help offset some of the revenue I've lost during the COVID-19 crisis, thereby enabling me to continue paying my vendors who are artists depending upon wholesale orders. (I do not receive the course for free, I still have to pay for my tuition.)

My Gift to You

As a thank you for using my code, I'm offering 25% off the tarot deck of your choice. Once I receive confirmation of your enrollment from the Wild Soul team, I will email you a personalized discount code. Remember to use my code, SMOKEYSPELLS when you enroll or I will not receive a commission and will not be able to send you a discount code!

Enrollment opens April 9 and closes April 28. This will be the last opportunity to enroll in the course until Spring 2021!

If you have any questions please reach out through email or DM on Instagram @smokeyspells_

Dates to Remember

  • Enrollment Opens: April 9
  • Enrollment Closes: April 28 and will not reopen until spring 2021!
  • Course Dates: Friday May 1 through Friday June 19

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