Opening Nov 28 at 8:00pm CST

Ceramic Incense Altar | Saturn

Smokey Spells

I created this piece with the idea of working with planetary energies. Saturn rules things like structure, boundaries, organization. Smoke offerings have been used since time immemorial to connect with deities and spirits, for meditation and focus. Whether you're making an offering or just creating a few minutes of focus, our altar is an easy way to consciously connect with the energies you'd like to direct in your life.


  • Glossy finish in vanilla with speckles.
  • Measures approximately: 4" w x 2.25" h x 2.5 d
  • You will receive the pictured altar. All other items are for display purposes only. Incense sold separately.

About Our Ceramics

All our pieces are hand built in low fire clay and finished with a lead-free, nontoxic glaze.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Fill the well with sand and place cone in the center. The sand makes it easy to clean and prevents the incense resins from coating and sticking the ceramic.