Boline Sickle Knife with Exotic Hardwood Handle

Smokey Spells

The boline knife is a magical tool, traditionally used for cutting herbs. Inspired by the white-handled sickle-shaped knife described in the famous goetic grimoire, The Key of Solomon, our interpretation is handcrafted with the modern magical practitioner in mind.

The crescent shaped blade is a nod to the practice of gardening by the moon's phases. Designed for cutting herbs and cords (literal and figurative), this knife is sharp! The handle is crafted from satiny smooth, extremely durable, exotic hardwood. Finally, it's been sealed with a light coat of oil to protect the wood while maintaining its beautiful natural color.

The entire piece is an homage to the the natural world and the unseen world, and the magical rituals that connect them. We wanted to create a tool that would be made with intention and be worthy of the tending and harvesting of your beloved plant allies. We sincerely hope these knives will be a special addition to your herbal harvesting rituals, spell work, and altar.


  • Measures approximately 8" long x 3" wide
  • Reclaimed exotic hardwood handle
  • tempered steel blade
  • You will receive the pictured knife
  • Please note that the handcrafted nature and the reclaimed materials means that these knives have small imperfections. We feel that this adds to their unique character and rustic beauty. No two are exactly alike. 

Handcrafted with love in Iowa City, Iowa.

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