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Elemental Tarot + Lunar Tarot Zine Bundle

Casey Zabala

Elemental Tarot and Lunar Tarot Divination 2 zine bundle. Created by Casey Zabala of Wanderer's Tarot.

Elemental Tarot

Elemental Tarot discusses how Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, correlate to the four suits of the Minor Arcana. Learn more about how to work elementally with your tarot, create tarot magic, and read your cards from an elemental perspective. Complete with an Elemental Meditation and suggested Tarot Spread.

Lunar Tarot Divination

Sync your tarot practice up with the Lunar Cycle and infuse your divination work with intention and magic. This zine includes tips for connecting with the Moon, astrological associations for the New and Full Moons, and a Lunar Tarot Spread suggestion.

This zine is based on Casey’s New + Full Moon Tarot Workshops.

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