OOP DECK | The Veleda Woods Tarot and Guidebook

Smokey Spells LLC

The Veleda Woods Tarot ~ this deck is new, but the box &/or guidebook was scuffed during transit. These items are not eligible for returns.

The Veleda Woods Tarot is a full colour 78 card tarot deck. Designed in keeping with traditional tarot structure told through the nature of plants. Like a walk in the woods. It hopes to also encourage people to notice the small daily changes in the plants and nature around them in a more mindful way. 

Limited quantity remaining - Once sold out this deck will not be reprinted..

***This deck was manufactured in an environmentally conscious way. There is no plastic packaging either on the cards or around the box or book. You are purchasing a brand new deck.*** 

Deck Details:

  • Full 78-card tarot deck
  • 2.75" x 4.75" cards (classic tarot size)
  • 330 gr/sqm black core silk smooth premium card stock of casino quality. Easy to shuffle. 
  • Fully illustrated front and back images.
  • The back of the cards are fully symmetrical, allowing the cards to be read with reversals if desired.
  • 2 piece rigid box.
  • Guidebook
  • botanically themed: Swords are dandelions, Wands are hawthorns, Cups are foxgloves and Pentacles are acorns. The majors include ivy, mushrooms, trees, ferns and other woodland flora.
  • borderless
  • court cards vary from the traditional gender-based nomenclature: this deck uses Fledgling, Ranger, Guardian and Harvester as names.

This deck is printed by an eco friendly, artisan company. The entire operation is solar powered. The papers used are from CE certified European paper mills and the inks are food grade. 


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