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Incense Burner | By Easy to Breathe

Easy To Breathe

The ceramic Warrior Woman Hut sits in a sacred space, holds her ground and exhales calming aromas. This incense hut aims to fill your home / room with relaxing and cleansing energy, all while radiating a sense of strength.

Handcrafted, each one is unique.

Measures approximately 4" tall x 4" wide. Size may vary.


Easy To Breathe is driven in reverence to the art of healing
through craft, ceremony and culture.

Mariana Mae draws inspiration from the freedom of
form and the fragile, forgiving elements of our Earth.

With deep admiration for primitive pathways,
each ceramic piece is individually crafted by hand as a unique offering to you and yours.

To learn more about Mariana and her work, visit her website Easy To Breathe