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Dracxiodos Tarot | Signed by the Artist Greg Traw

Greg Traw

The Dracxiodos Tarot is an extra-large full-color 80-card collage tarot deck unlike any other…

Created by artist Greg Traw, this deck is truly a magical creation. Each card is a work of art, filled with esoteric symbols, images, and meaning. Lavish, opulent, rich in color and imagery. This a deck for the serious magician, the seeker, and those who strive for new ways of perceiving the universe. 

  • 80 cards 
  • extra large size 8" x 4"
  • 2 extra cards: an extra Fool titled 00/Dracxiodos, and a double backed card
  • only 2 cards are titled:
    • Key V = The Artist which replaces the traditional Hierophant
    • 00/Dracxiodos
  • 350 gsm card stock
  • matte finish with iridescent gilded edges
    • (photos do not do justice do the gorgeousness of this detail!)
  • 2 piece, matte finish box numbered and signed by the artist

PLEASE NOTE: This deck does not have guidebook. 

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