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Spolia Tarot Deck | Edition II

Spolia Tarot

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The Spolia Tarot Edition II uses images from history, alchemy and mysticism, mythology and the natural world to create a lush deck layered with meaning. The colors, flowers, crystals and stones, animals, and other imagery were carefully chosen for their associations with each specific tarot card or its astrological associations.

This beautiful tarot deck is a variation on an older Italian deck called the Minchiate, which had 97 cards rather than the more standard 78 card deck. 

  • The Spolia Tarot deck includes 94 Illustrated cards
  • Extra cards are zodiac and elements
  • 56 page manual
  • matte and smooth finish
  • Tuck box
  • Printed in Canada

Sadly, this deck is going out of print and won’t be restocked.

Why We Love It

The Second Edition was printed with an environmentally sustainable printer in Canada. This edition of the deck allows for easier shuffling as the surface of the cards is matte and smooth with no additional lamination.

The deck comes with 16 extra cards, 12 zodiac and the 4 elements. The astrological and element cards create an unparalleled precision of reading and depth of meaning. The slim manual is a tiny gem. The explanations are to the point, but so creatively written that there's something new here even if you're a seasoned reader. 



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