The Astrochemical Tarot | first edition

Smokey Spells

The Astrochemical Tarot is inspired by astrology and alchemy.

To me the tarot represents the journey of the human soul in its earthly incarnation. The cards resonate through the ages because they are archetypes that are recognized by the psyche. I designed and named the cards to illustrate the various experiences, challenges, personalities, changes and growth that we encounter in our time on earth.

Alchemy is about growth, decay, transformation of the Self. Therefore it is a natural metaphor for the journey illustrated in the tarot cards. Astrology is like a map of our lives juxtaposed on the Universe. It makes sense to entwine these heavenly guides into the cards.  

Designed to be a trusted companion on your earthly journey...

I created this deck with all readers in mind. I wanted it to be fun and welcoming for beginners, but also to have layers and secrets to discover for more advanced readers. My hope is that this deck will grow with you throughout your life. 

Major Arcana

The deck is structured like the Rider Waite and Thoth systems, but with some of the major arcana having been renamed to reflect more modern sensibilities. For example, The High Priestess became the The Initiatrix, and The Hierophant became The Conduit, to express the cards' functions and remove religious connotations. 

Minor Arcana

Only the court cards name the suits as wands, cups, swords, disks. Ace through 10 are not named, but the imagery illustrates which suit they belong to. Cards 2-10 have a word that summarizes the meaning of the card. 

The guidebook will be published at a later date. If you're already familiar with tarot or astrology, you shouldn't have any issues using this deck. I think the deck would also work for beginners who are open to using decks intuitively.


  • Limited edition of 100 numbered decks
  • 78 tarot cards plus bonus numbered edition card
  • 4.75" x 2.75"
  • Cards and box printed on sustainable herbage paper
  • Matte, slightly textured finish
  • shuffles nicely
  • tuck box
  • no guidebook
  • no plastic packaging
  • independently published

This deck is for you if...

you're comfortable not having a guidebook

you're interested in or familiar with astrology and how it influences our lives

sustainable production is important to you

you're a collector of small edition or indie decks