Botanical Resin Crystals | canid teeth

Smokey Spells LLC

Sustainably sourced flowers, ethically sourced bones, teeth, and tiny crystal points, are forever suspended in eco resin (non-toxic, zero VOC). Our nature crystals are meant to be a grateful reminder of the transformational cycles of nature, a way to honor nature and her gifts on your altar or in your sacred space. 

You will receive the crystal of your choice.


  • Measures approximately 2" tall x .75" wide
  • contains canid tooth + flowers
  • Due to the resin process they may contain small bubbles.
  • Cast from molds created from real crystals. Like real crystals, they will have imperfections. 

***IMPORTANT*** Display out of direct sunlight and away from heat and flame. Sunlight will cause discoloration over time.

Handmade with love in Iowa City, IA.

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