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Handcrafted Incense Cones: Palo Santo

Smokey Spells

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12 incense cones, handcrafted in-house using only high quality, responsibly sourced herbs, barks, roots and flowers. We never add any fragrance or essential oils. Each cone is 100% plant material and hand rolled with the most positive intentions of bringing peace & calm to your space. 

Palo Santo (Holy Wood in Spanish) is a mystical tree indigenous to Mexico and South America. Traditionally it has many healing uses and is treasured for its medicinal and spiritual properties.


  • clears negative energy from your space
  • promotes a sense of peace & calm
  • inspires a connection to the divine source 

Scent: sweet, fresh notes of pine, mint, lemon

You will receive one jar containing 12 cones, lovingly packaged in an amber glass jar. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct light. Always use a heat/fireproof incense burner and never leave burning unattended.

Made with love in Iowa City, IA

$5 from each jar of our Palo Santo incense will be donated to KIND (Kids in Need of Defense), an organization providing free legal and mental health services to unaccompanied migrant children being detained at the border. 


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