Handcrafted Incense Cones: Conjure

Smokey Spells LLC

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12 incense cones, handcrafted in-house using only high quality, responsibly sourced herbs, barks, roots and flowers. We never add any fragrance oils. Each cone is 100% plant material and hand rolled with the most positive intentions of bringing peace & calm to your space. 

Burn during rituals to help facilitate communication with the spirits. 


  • lavender + sandalwood
  • Scent: sweet, floral middle-top notes with soft, sweet woody base notes
  • Burn time: 10-20 min depending on conditions
  • Lovingly packaged in beautiful + ecofriendly amber glass jars.
  • Always use a heat/fireproof incense burner and never leave unattended.

Made with love in Iowa City, IA

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