Handcrafted Incense Cones: Love Eternal

Smokey Spells

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Sandalwood and rose petals combine to create a warm, slightly spicy fragrance. Our incense is made in small batches and each cone is lovingly formed by hand. 

Each jar contains 12 cones.

Burn time ranges from 10-20 minutes, depending on the conditions.

About Our Incense Cones

From creating recipes, to sourcing of ingredients, to packaging, every step of our small batch incense crafting is done with the utmost care to ensure your incense only contains the most positive energy.

Our ingredients are the highest quality, sacred woods & plants, chosen for their magical associations. When you use our incense please remember the cherished, holy nature of the plants & woods used to create it. 

While you can burn our incense to create a wonderful scent for your space, we created it with intention to clear negative energy, cleanse sacred tools & altars, for meditation, and to carry messages to your ancestors & deities. 

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