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Mercury Retrograde Talisman Necklace

Smokey Spells

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules intellect, logic, reasoning, transportation, technology, and all forms of communication. When Mercury is retrograde you may notice difficulties in these areas. Personally I've observed things like lost or delayed postal deliveries, miscommunication of all kinds, travel difficulties, and near traffic accidents.

I started wearing one of these talismans last year and it worked so well I started making them for friends and family. It seems that just acknowledging Mercury during this time appeases and mitigates many negative effects. I also recommend being extra aware and careful during this time. Choose your words carefully. Look all directions when the traffic light turns green before entering the intersection, just in case someone else didn't notice the red light.

2019 Mercury Retrograde dates are:

March 5--28

July 8--Aug 1

Oct 31--Nov 20


Antique Mercury dime coin on an 18" sterling silver, lobster clasp, chain. Coin date will vary.