Ravenous Zine Vol II: Sisterhood

Ravenous Zine

Ravenous zine is a printed magazine for women to connect with the wild within. through visual art, feature articles, and interviews, with an emphasis on activism & self care...

The zine is populist & Earth focused, yet it contains a highly stylized woodsy, dark aesthetic that mirror the wild, earthy, feral elements of femininity that are absent from modern mainstream culture. At its core, it's about reconnecting to our wild nature by gathering in circles, participating in activism, cooking and making crafts. it's a manual for face-to-face, in person gatherings in this age of social media and physical disconnection.

This is the Sisterhood volume, with practical tools for creating meaningful women’s gatherings and nourishing your support network. This volume includes multiple beautifully photographed recipes, interviews, and writing on themes relating to sisterhood.

  • 168 full-color pages
  • printed on high quality, 100% recycled matte paper
  • measures 6"x9"
  • 100% ad-free


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