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Restless Spirits | Handcrafted Incense Cones

Smokey Spells

Our Restless Spirits scent came to me from a spirit. I am clairscent and for a few weeks last winter I kept smelling a beautiful aroma, something familiar that I couldn't quite place, someone from my childhood. Later I created this scent and when I burned it for the first time I was amazed to find it was that mysterious scent that had wafted through the room! This blend is an offering from the spirit realm to assist in communicating with those who have passed from this world. 

Scent:  soft, sweet, comforting

12 incense cones in a metal tin. 

Cones measure about 1" tall and burn 10-20 minutes. Scent lasts several hours. 

About Our Incense

Our small batch incense cones are complex blend of 100% natural, high quality sacred plant and woods, chosen for their magical associations. Each cone is hand-formed with deeply focused intentions to ensure the best energies for your altar offerings, spell work, cleansing rituals, and meditation. We never add any fragrance or essential oils.