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Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand Deck with Pouch

Grandma Baby Apothecary

Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand Deck: A 37-card deck celebrating the enduring legacy of Black Americans and our innate connection to spirit. 

  • 58mm x 88 mm deck 
  • 37 cards
  • 300gsm art stock with a silk matte finish, matte gold edges, gold ink accents and gold foil stamping.
  • The deck fits neatly inside its gold foil stamped, black silk 300gsm paper tuck box.
  • 82-page, saddle-stitched guidebook

Also Includes a drawstring pouch measuring 10cm x 15cm, screen-printed with the same gold Kongo Cosmogram printed on the back of each Black Gold Lenormand card. Perfect for deck storage, or for keeping protective and luck-drawing talismans close. Gold glitter faux suede cord hand strung by the Grandma Baby family.

From the Creator, Tea

The Black Gold Lenormand isn’t a traditional Petit Lenormand deck. This is a deck that aims to be expansive in its approach to self-work and spiritual discernment, specifically as it relates to Black American traditions. “Not just old time ways and superstitions to be taken with enough grains of salt to repel spirits, but a system of beliefs…collapsed into the mundanity and supernatural experiences of our everyday lives as Black people.”* Because Black people can never not be magic. It is us and we are it. And that's how it's always been. Whether we are playing, singing, gathering for church, working, dancing, resting or the simple act sweeping a broom across a floor. 

However far we travel from home and however long we’re separated from land and lore, we remain rooted in our divinity. And this knowledge empowers us to continue to thrive. We are now in a period where we have to seriously re-commit to our indigenous, sustainable and community-minded practices. There are valuable lessons in Black history and culture we can draw from. Each card offers up a symbol and a meditation that can be used alone or as a supplement to tarot card readings. 

One day in February, I woke up at 5am and began designing a deck of cards. The next day I woke up at the same time and worked into the night. The work exhilarated me. The imagery came to me easily. It felt as though I had been preparing for this for a long time. The process lasted roughly a week, and then I had a full deck of cards and written guide for using them. I knew it was the start of something I wanted to do forever. I felt whole doing this work. And into this deck I put many of the lessons I've learned on my journey, that I'm sure many folks on their journeys of spirit and self can deeply relate to.