The Cyclical Oracle Deck | Spring Mini Set

Smokey Spells

The Cyclical Oracle Spring Mini Set is inspired by the first breath of spring, that burst of joy when warm breezes and longer days return. The Earth feels fresh and all living things are energized by possibility.

These 14 cards are the first of what will be a recurring seasonal release. A new set will be available each season to collect. By winter you will have a full deck that encompasses all the energies of the seasons.

Use in whatever way feels right to you.


  • as an altar card
  • to supplement tarot cards
  • as a jumping off point for a tarot reading
  • one card pull


  • 14 cards + 1 title card
  • measure 5.75" x 3.5"
  • matte, slightly textured finish
  • printed on sustainable herbage paper
  • no box