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The Study Havamal

Huginn & Muninn Publishing

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The Study Havamal: Original Old Norse-3 English Translations

by Carrie Overton

As it’s name states this book is meant for those in the Asatru & Heathen community who are looking to understand the words of Odin on a deeper level. Not only is it good for Asafolk but also for people who would like to know more about the Ancient European faith and the values our forefathers held. It is a book not of dogmatism but of common sense wisdom passed down to us from Odin himself. Not only does this book contain the original Havamal “Hawamal” from the Codex Regius, but also three English translations to compare. The meaning of a passage will be easier for you to understand with the convenience of several scholarly translations right at your fingertips. Each page contains 4 versions of 1 verse for easy reference. The opposing page to each verse is a journaling page to write down your thoughts and make notes. A valuable resource that has been in need for a long time. Get together with your study group or work alone and dig into the wisdom of the Havamal. For anyone interested in Asatru - Odinism and Germanic Heathenry *** PLEASE NOTE *** You will find in this book that the Stanzas do not always line up. This is due to the various translators choosing to place the stanzas in different locations and is not an error. The publisher has placed the stanzas on the correct page that corresponds with the original Old Norse. Translators often will take creative license with their interpretations and thus you will find these discrepancies. The publisher has gone to great lengths to ensure the proper stanza is on the correct page even though the numbers may not line up. ******

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