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USED BOOK | The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein

Smokey Spells

The Monsters tells the riveting story of the real-life characters surrounding the creation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. 

A violent thunderstorm was raging on a frigid June night as five young people gathered inside the Villa Diodati, a luxurious summerhouse on the southern shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. One of them, Lord Byron, opened a volume of German horror stories translated into French, and began to read aloud from it. Flickering candles and burning logs in the fireplace provided the only light, other than the flashes of lightning that abruptly illuminated the windows. Byron liked to frighten people, and as the others became increasingly agitated by the jarring crashes of thunder and the howling of the wind outside, his enjoyment increased. Upon finishing, Byron closed the book and proposed a contest: each of them would try to write a ghost story. He could hardly have imagined that his challenge would result in a novel that was destined to become more famous than his own work or that of Mary Godwin, eventually to be known as Mary Shelley, would be the author...

Hardcover with dustjacket. good used condition